Choregraphy: Iñaki Urlezaga
Script: Iñaki Urlezaga about of the homonymous tale “The Queen of Spades” of Aleksandr Pushkin
Music: Pryor Tchaikovsky
Set: Ezio Frigerio
Costume design: Franca Squarciapino
Music arrangement: Andrés Risso y Eliel Garberi
Photography: Courtesy Yacobson Ballet



Ballet in III acts inspired by Alexander Pushkin’s book following the musical drama of Pryor Tchaikovsky.

Prologue (Narumov’s house)

The plot of the ballet revolves around Guermann, an officer of the army.

On a cold night at the Narumov guard officer’s house, they gather for dinner and play cards by their friends Surin, Tomski and Guermann. Those who won looked euphoric, while those who lost had dull faces. Early in the morning the champagne appeared and the conversation was encouraged for all.

Tomski tells his friends the secret story of his grandmother Countess Anna Fedetovna, about the 3 winning cards, which until today has not been revealed. Guermann passionate about Tomski’s story becomes obsessed by getting the secret of the 3 cards

I Act

I scene (in the park of Saint Petesburg)

In a park in St. Petesburg, officers Narunov and Surin commented surprised how changed they find Guermann, and when they ask him what wrong with you? Guermann replies that he had met a mysterious young woman, who is the pupil of the countess.

Enters in the park the Prince Yeletski with Lizabeta Ivanovna, his fiancée, and the Countess. The officer Chekalinski sees them and approaches them to celebrate the engagement of the young people, and Guermann far from sharing the celebration like the rest of the present, he departs by cursing with envy that union, Guermann recognizes in Lizaveta the mysterious young lady how he’s become obsessed

A strong storm approaches, and when everyone starts to retire from the park Guermann seizes the moment to give to  Lizabeta a letter in which he confesses his feelings.

II Scene (in Lizabeta’s room at the Countess’s house)

Lizabeta, a pupil of the Countess,  was  dancing with her friends, especially  with  Pauline, when they were interrupted by Masha, the maid, asking for order and silence so, the old woman can rest.

Lizabeta resigned to rest to fulfill the imposed order, and observes by the window thats  outside of the house was Guermann staring at it, as if it was  determined to do something more, And indeed it happend, Guermann enters the room and declares his love to her. This encounter is interrupted by the insistent call of the Countess, Lizabeta reaches to hide Guermann, but her feelings to flower of skin do not go unnoticed by the old woman, who sends her to close the windows and sends her to sleep. The young couple feel that their lives have changed forever from this night

II Act

I scene (a party at the house of a court dignitary)

At the beginning of the party, the guests enjoy the dance of a venetian masks lively.

Enters the party the Prince Yeletski with Lizabeta, and while he reaffirms his love in front of the eyes of Lizabeta, is observed as Guermann totally disturbed, watching this scene from the shadows. Next  the friends of Guermann, Surin – Narumov – Tomski, distract Yeletski, Lizabeta takes the opportunity to give the young man the indications of how to access the Countess’s room to go behind the secret of the 3 cards.

At this time the first melody of The polonaise in honor of the imminent arrival of Catherine the Great are heard in the hall of the house, and the young people take advantage of fleeing towards their long-awaited appointment

Scene II (in the room of the Countess)

Guermann enters the room following the indications that Lizabeta had given him, and how to enter and the remains entrusted by the portrait of the Countess in her youth. Guermann warns that the old woman approaches and quickly hides to not be discovered. He hears his grievances about how manners changed, and when she leans back and falls a sleep, Guermann approaches her to plead for the secret of her victorious cards. The Countess wakes up terrified to see Guermann, and dies, her heart does not resist the tremendous fright that the young man caused her. Lizabeta, who was in the next room, hearing noises enters quickly and is perplexed by what her eyes sees, she does not forgive herself to have become the blind accomplice of a bandit, the murderer of her elderly protector.


I scene (in the room of Guerman)

Guermann returns to his dejected room, and seeking to stifle his inner restlessness, the fall faded deep under the effects of the alcohol. Suddenly he hears that the door opens and he thinks it is the ordinance man that returned drunk from his night walk, but not, indeed it was the spirit of the Countess with her firm asever: «I have COME AGAINST MY WILL to FULFILL YOUR DESIRE ON 3, THE 7 and THE ACE, and REPEATs 3, 7 and AS, 3, 7, and AS…»

II scene (in the channel)

Under the intense cold Lizabeta with some illusion, awaits the arrival of Guermann , who appears at the last moment and enraged only talks about the Countess and the three numbers. At this moment Lizabeta understands that nothing is possible next to him, sadly Guermann is possessed by the eagerness of gambling and the money, and when there is no more strength left to go on, she is rescued by a noble and young soul , the administrator of the deceased Countess

III Scene (in a game room of the Palace of the officer Chekalinski, Saint Petersburg)

The officer Chekalinski has made his fortune playing cards with the rich men in Moscow, and he installs his imposing Hall of play in Saint Petersburg, dragging the bad habit to the young people of the city.

Narumov leads Guermann to play, who is willing to win or win. Chekalinski shakes his hand and observes that he sits at the table in front of the Prince Yeletski as beating him to play. Guermann with a manic behavior bets increasingly strong and Yelenski, accepts the challenge. The first game wins Guermann with the card number 3, the second game also wins Guermann with the card number 7, and obsessed and drunk for the game bets on the third round with the card ACE, but Yeletski wins showing to him that he has the winning card , the Queen of the Spades.

Guermann frustrated by everything he has experienced, becomes utterly mad in front of the astonished gaze of all present, who begins to retire begging for the health of the young man