A young Princess, who’s wandering by the lakeside, is surprised by the presence of Von Rothbart, a warlock that casts a spell on her turning Odette into a swan. The curse would only be reverted if a loyal and brave man swears eternal love to her. Sigfrido is in the middle of celebrating his twentieth birthday when his mother perturbs him with big news: he were to pick his future wife. Sigfrido, moved by melancholy, decides to go hunting, and that’s when he meets beautiful Odette. He feels surprised about her swan-like looks, but chooses to protect and love her anyways. The evil warlock introduces his daughter Odile to the prince and manages to trick him into marrying her. Upon fully understanding recent events, Sigfrido feels ashamed to ask Odette for her forgiveness. Since the spell cannot be undone, they both finally decide to end their lives by jumping into the lake, therefore ending the curse.



Choreography: Marius Petipa/Iñaki Urlezaga
Music: Pryor Tchaicowsky
Scenography: María Besozzi
Costume design: Mini Zuccheri
Photography: Carlos Villamayor