Violeta, a distinguished courtier going through the first stages of an incurable disease, meets a young and wealthy men in a house reunion at her own house. Alfredo falls in love with Violeta immediately after he sees her at the party, where she gifts him a camellia flower before asking him to come back when it withers. Besides her licentiousness she places her faith into this new love. By abandoning her previous lifestyle, she moves to a farm house outside Paris with Alfredo. One time while he was absent Sir Germont, her father, shows up at the house to tell her that this love story would be impossible given the amount of hurt she’ll do to their family. Because of this Violeta returns to Paris and attends another house reunion, this time at Flora’s house, alongside his former partner, a rich baron. Alfredo shows up at the event and upon seeing her with another man he humiliates her in front of all the guests. This gets the baron to challenge him to a duel. Violeta receives a letter from Sir Germont in which he acknowledges the sacrifice she’s made for the family, and also reveals that Alfredo knows the truth about her disease. Alfredo runs back to Violeta and asks for her forgiveness, and she finally dies in his arms.



“Opera becomes ballet”
Complete ballet in two acts
Music: Giusseppe Verdi
Choreography: Iñaki Urlezaga
Scenography: Daniel Feijóo
Costume design: Verónica de la Canal
Photography: Carlos Villamayor